Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me | Ottawa Family Photographer

ONE:  I rarely wear makeup. Aside from a few special occasions, I have naked skin daily.

makeup, colours, eyes, shadow


TWO:  CHOCOLATE! OMG, I love it! Like, I have a stash hidden that I eat a little every day from.

chocolate, candy, rainbow


THREE:  I can’t sleep without a sheet. Even in the muggiest heat of summer I have at least part of the sheet draping a portion of my body. These are my favourite sheets!

sheet, dots, polka, pillow


FOUR:  I’m not a fan of dresses. I only own a handful. Right now, being nine months pregnant, I’m loving the un-restrictedness they allow, but usually I’m wearing yoga pants or capris.



FIVE:  I love Disney and enjoy watching it with the kids – sometimes even alone.movie, children


SIX:  Addicted to chewing gum. I have a pack in every pocket or purse. It helps me not bite my nails.



SEVEN: I get cold easily. I’m usually by a fire or under a blanket in the winter. So not a Canadian Winter person.

blanket, quilt, warm


EIGHT:  I hate winter driving. Like despise it. A few years ago, I rolled my car and since then I’ve been very wary of black ice on the road.


NINE:  I like socks on my feet. I don’t like the feeling of crumbs or feet sticking to wood floors.

socks, feet, warm


TEN:  I love organization but have trouble keeping it up. I have piles around the house and it drives my hubby bonkers!!

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